10 Best Series Born on Super Nintendo

Many franchises have console origins, and perhaps many are unaware that most of the current successful sagas come from Super Nintendo.

So check out this list. 10 series that is original One of the most famous consoles of Nintendo – some still exist, some, unfortunately, have been forgotten over time.

1. Yoshi Island

Yoshi Island It came almost to the end of Super Nintendo’s life, but it still showed that the console has the charm of delivering good products and, at the same time, the fun.

Admittedly, many raised their noses slightly at the game as it was considered an extension of it Super Mario World (Full game called Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island) Which was far removed from the few concepts seen in this title.

However, there is no doubt: Nintendo has managed to invent a very fun formula focused on Yoshi, with a few mini-games, new bosses and, most importantly, a graphic style that resembles a children’s drawing with pencils. Definitely a good start for this franchise.

two. Mario Kart

Long before the spin-off concept came into being, Nintendo went there and forced the Mushroom Kingdom gang to do activities that had nothing to do with saving the princesses. On the contrary: as the name implies, acceleration in karts is proposed here.

Mario Kart Came to the world with the introduction of several ideas that were not yet rooted, for example, the use of items to disperse opponents. And here’s the grace of this series, which was presented on virtually every platform launched by Big N in the years that followed – and with success in all of these ventures.

3. Star Fox

By 1993, the Shmup genre (the famous spaceship games) had already consolidated and had several representatives in the market. However, Nintendo found a way to make it to the spacecraft gaming scene and, in the same package, successfully completed it.

Like the other games mentioned, Star Fox It did not take long to prove that it was an excellent classic. Aside from the charismatic characters (such as the protagonist Fox, Peppy, and others), the air battles were also quite dynamic, which remained and improved even when we had the opportunity to play. Star Fox 64.

4. Donkey Kong

Super Nintendo and Mega Drive struggled in several battles to see who could deliver the most powerful and sophisticated graphics. Entering a three-dimensional field, house vowel It had some good iterations, and Nintendo decided to increase it with gun releases Donkey Kong.

As soon as the game hit stores, many were surprised and wondered how a 16-bit console could create such beautiful graphics. Such confirmation became more and more apparent in the next two titles, which were followed by beautiful pictures, a good soundtrack, and, of course, lots of fun and challenge.

5. Breathing fire

Capcom unfortunately did not pay much attention Breathing fire Lately, however, the fact is that this franchise is one of the pleasant surprises we had during the heyday of Super Nintendo.

Despite adopting the classic shift system, Breathing fire Managed to put together something in his package that accompanied the entire series in the years that followed. Among the main ones we can highlight the specific field abilities of each character, as well as the transformation of the hero Ryu into a dragon.

There were only two games on the 16-bit console, and the other managed to expand this world even further with a slightly more serious history (bringing up topics such as corrupt religion, family death, and kidnappings, to name just a few) and inaugurating an unprecedented shaman system to strengthen We control.

6. Starry Ocean

Here is another successful RPG series that exists thanks to Super Nintendo. Starry Ocean Arrived almost at the end of the console life, so he managed to get the maximum he could in terms of graphics.

The title that laid the foundation for this franchise also brought a well-designed combat system, personal interactions between different characters and other elements, which of course delighted those who had fun with these classics.

7. Tales

There is a consensus among RPG fans that Super Nintendo was the birthplace for several franchises that have been consolidated over the years. Among them we can distinguish Tales (Which debuted on the Nintendo platform Fantasy Tales).

In addition to the improved graphic style, it also featured side-by-side battles (completely menu-oriented or without focusing 100% directly on the action) and a memorable soundtrack in a specific scenario, as well as various ways to learn new techniques. And other elements that made it stand out from the rest.

8. Previous mission

Many may not know it, but this series, which was finally consecrated on the first PlayStation, originated with Super Nintendo – although the first game was never officially released in Japan.

As we have seen in other franchise records, here we are facing the next game. To protect themselves from each other, the nations began to use robots known as Wanzers as weapons, and it is the command of a mercenary soldier who pilots one of these giants that we see unfolding here throughout the conspiracy.

The battles seen in this game took on a tactical style widely used by other franchisees over the years, and completed a pleasing audience that had a chance to test the game of origin.

9. F-Zero

Another wonderful racing series that was born on Super Nintendo and which, unfortunately, Mario’s house does not remember that it exists.

Among the main indicators F-Zero Was its futuristic environment and could reach high-speed cars. In addition, each completed round put more and more pressure on you to be among the first, as qualifying tolerance was always reduced to make things even more complicated.

10. Mega Man X

Finally, we will finish our list with the existing sequence, but he gained a subdivision that eventually became a favorite of many players.

Mega Man X He still places bets on many elements seen in previous titles, such as different bosses and a system of strengths and weaknesses on the weapons obtained in each confrontation. However, the key was to open a new saga where Dr. Willie is no longer a villain, except for the inclusion of elements such as the expansion of the energy meter and the introduction of Zero as a character (even possible in some games).

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