10 Adaptations Nintendo Pictures Should Make

Recently Nintendo initiated the acquisition of Dynamo PicturesStudio animation and VFX, which would become “Nintendo Pictures” – and just reading that name makes it easy to dream of what the future might hold. Therefore, in addition to that Illumination’s Mario movieWe will list 10 below adaptations What should a new studio do? Also, feel free to leave your dream products in the comments.

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The Zelda Anthology Series

After the Mario movie, the next IP adapted should be Zelda – not only because of its reach, but because we’ve been dreaming of a series since the rumors hit Netflix. In the fantasy world of the franchise, an anthology animated series in which each season is a game would do very well. As such, artists will have the opportunity to experiment with different animation styles and narrative tones with each new season. Imagine the incredible: the cartoony style of Wind Waker, followed by the dark Majora’s Mask.

Reproduction: Nintendo

Metroid live action

Metroid promotional image

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s darkest and most realistic franchises. As such, she would be perfect for a live-action film adaptation – and Brie Larson has already expressed interest in playing Samus Aran. Referring to Alien as an inspiration, Metroid would be a sci-fi action-horror film in which Samus battles hostile creatures, including metroids, on inhospitable planets. And we’re dreaming of an epic battle between the Huntsman and Ridley to close out the film.

Reproduction: Nintendo

Donkey Kong the Musical

Public image of Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong games are full of fun characters and comic scenes. So why not a movie musical where Donkey Kong and the gang break out into song to proclaim their love for bananas? The animated film on the big screen may have King K. Rule’s musical sequence in which, in the style of Disney’s greatest villains, he sings and dances in his throne room to reveal his hatred for the gorilla.

Reproduction: Nintendo

Peach and Daisy Shujo

public image

In the 35+ years of the Mario series, we’ve seen little (if not almost nothing) from the perspective of princesses Peaches and Daisy. With that in mind, a shoujo-style anime centered around two protagonists is worth it. The story can be developed around the adolescence of the princesses as they prepare to become the leaders of their kingdoms, play sports and at the same time feel like brothers Mario and Luigi.

Reproduction: Nintendo

Crazy Race Mario Kart Movie

Mario Kart 8 public image

When we think of Mario Kart, we think of the fun chaos of the races, the colorful stuff, and the competitive atmosphere between Mario and his guests. Now imagine watching all of this madness on the big screen in a Crazy Race-style animated film. Along the way – which, why not, could be set in the classic Rainbow Road – Mario’s gang faces adversity while trying to sabotage their opponents in order to gain an advantage at the finish line.

Reproduction: Nintendo

A Star Fox movie

Public image of Star Fox

The animated Mario film, produced by Illumination, will be responsible for measuring the potential that classic Nintendo franchises have on the big screen. If this formula works, the next project could be a Star Fox animated film that follows Team Star Fox’s epic space adventure. It’s easy to envision an adrenaline-pumping Star Wars-style space battle sequence—complete with Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare talking over a communicator and yelling, “Do a Barrel-Roll!”

Played by: Nintendo/Ubisoft

F-Zero Space West

F-Zero public image

Fans of F-Zero, a franchise Nintendo abandoned over the years, will be treated to a space western-style anime featuring Captain Falcon. The production could trace the character’s origins as a bounty hunter, following his trajectory before entering the F-Zero race. Continuing his desire for adrenaline and competitiveness, Captain Falcon would meet charismatic and funny heroes and meet them in an intense race of games. The production will go well in the Cowboy Bebop style, in between.

Reproduction: Nintendo

Fire Emblem Shonen

Fire Emble Tree Houses Public Image

Fire Embem games consist of epic stories of courage, legacy and medieval battles in which you must defeat your enemies and ensure the survival of your kingdom and your friends. Since the franchise’s art style is already very close to anime, Fire Emblem is a good fit for shonen. Each season follows a different era of the story, in which living personalities and relationships between characters are presented in moments of calm – just like what happens, for example, when talking and interacting with your team in treehouses.

Reproduction: Nintendo

Kodomomuke from Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing advertising image

Well, Animal Crossing doesn’t really have a story, as the player is responsible for improving the village, building their own house, and paying their own bills. Still, it’s hard to imagine the village’s charismatic cast — including Tom Nook and Isabelle, of course — telling their own stories and everyday adventures in kodomomuke anime, a genre of educational cartoons for children that includes hantaro. It should be remembered that Animal Crossing already has an anime movie that was released in 2006. However, more than that, with the great success of New Horizons, new productions will retain audiences.

Reproduction: Nintendo

The epic Super Smash Bros movie

Super Smash Bros Ultimate promo image

When we try to imagine what Nintendo Pictures is capable of, there’s nothing more epic than a big-screen conclusion that combines multiple verticals of the “cinematic universe” into one movie — one that puts the characters in their biggest roles. Avengers style to defeat a common enemy. Yes, I’m talking about the epic Super Smash Bros. animated film responsible for bringing the game’s great cast of characters to theaters for the first time. The story can be played out in Smash Bros Brawl’s amazing story mode, Subspace Emissary. It’s hard not to dream about it, isn’t it?

Reproduction: Nintendo

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