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The Xbox Series S is one of the most affordable consoles to buy in 2022. For a good price, you can take home a console that can run the latest games in good quality, in addition to having a lot more. Attractive value compared to other modern consoles like Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. If you want to have the latest gaming experience and still save money, this offer is worth checking out.

About Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is a console designed for those who want to get into the next generation of gaming without breaking the bank. To get this low price, the device was adapted to run games at 1440p resolution, which is between Full HD and 4K Ultra HD. This makes the console a great option not only for those who traditionally play on a TV, but also for those who prefer to play on monitors with a resolution of 1440p, for example.

But most importantly, the Xbox Series S can run all the same next-gen games that its more expensive sibling, the Xbox Series X, will. Considering how long the last generation of video games have been around, that means you should have access to the main ones. The next seven or eight years of releases, with the most important advantage of the console: games.

In addition to all exclusive releases from Microsoft studios – such as Starfield, Halo Infinite, Fable and Forza Horizon 5 – the Xbox Series S has access to backward compatibility and can run not only Xbox One games, but also about 360 games. And even games. Even from the original Xbox. This makes the new generation a great choice for console enthusiasts.

Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass

Game Pass is an Xbox game subscription service available for Xbox Series S, Series X, and Windows 10. Here you can find hundreds of games with exclusive discounts just for monthly subscription. If you’re looking to play a few different games on your new console or want to discover new titles, it’s worth checking out.

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